As an organisation that has no paid staff and which is run entirely by volunteers we are always on the look out for people to get involved and help us with our campaigns.

Volunteers needed to help organise this year’s Candle-lit Vigil against Hate Crime

As the countdown to our next vigil take place on the 28th October we are starting to recruit volunteers to get involved.

Before the Vigil:

  • Flyering – we need people to help us distribute information at various events including London Pride, Brighton Pride, Norwich Pride, Reading Pride and others.
  • Fund-raisers – we are building a team of people to work with our Head of Fund-raising to help during our various fund-raising events due to be held at the Green Carnation, Kings Arms, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Tonker, 2 Brewers etc. This year we will also be organising a collection night in Soho around all the bars (Friday 14th October).
  • Operations Team – we welcome people who want to help out with some of the preparation work that needs to be done leading up to the vigil.

On the day of the Vigil:

We will need about 80 volunteers to help us stage this years event, which will be split into two teams:

(a) Volunteer Stewards

Perhaps the most important people on the night as without a team of about 50 people to help us manage the flow of people in Trafalgar Square the GLA would not permit the Vigil to go ahead.

  • Flyering – we need a couple of people to help us distribute flyers in Soho before the Vigil starts.
  • First Aiders – Ice Blue Medical are providing First Aid cover on the day but it is alway good to have people with first aid training on the team.
  • Gallery Control Point – need two volunteers to manage the control point during the event.
  • Volunteer Stewards – whose main focus is crowd management on the night. This team will be lead by our Chief Steward, with a Deputy Steward supporting. The team will be divided into four teams dividing Trafalgar Square into 4 basic areas, each team will have a Senior Steward.

We will be organising two training events on the 6.30pm 5th October and 6.30pm 13th October, and then a final briefing at 6pm in Trafalgar Square 28th October.

(b) Operations Team

These are the volunteers who will help make the Vigil happen, from getting all the equipment we need to the square and set up, to coordinating what happens on the night. We need a variety of talent to cover a variety of positions.

  • Band Coordinator – one person to look after the band on the night.
  • BSL Signers – to sign on the night.
  • Choirs Coordinator – one person to look after the choirs on the night.
  • First Aiders – Ice Blue Medical are providing First Aid cover on the day but it is alway good to have people with first aid training on the team.
  • Fire Marshall – at least one person to monitor fire safety during the event.
  • Fundraisers – we are looking for a team of 8-16 people to help us collect on the night.
  • Master of Ceremonies (MC) – to bring everything together on-stage.
  • MC Assistants – 2 people to provide support to the MC during the night.
  • Nelson Control Point – 2 people to manage this control point from 2pm to 10pm.
  • Ops Crew – to help us set up the stage and gazebo areas on the night. Ideally we are looking for people with stage, lighting and PA Systems experience.
  • Security – we need a minimum of 4 security staff to help us control access to the stage area during the vigil.
  • Stage Manager – to run the stage on the night.
  • Speakers Co-ordinator – to help us manage the speakers on the night.
  • Support Team – we need volunteers with professional counselling experience to be available on the night of the vigil to give temporary support.

If you are interested please email your name, number and position you want to volunteer for, to volunteers@17-24-30.org 

Volunteers needed to help organise next year’s April Anniversaries

We held three successful events to mark the 12th anniversaries of the three London nail bomb attacks on Brixton (17th April), Brick Lane (24th April) and Soho (30th April) this year.

We will start recruiting volunteers to help us with the 13th Anniversaries in February 2012.


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