20th October announced as date for next Vigil

October 20th 2012 has been announced at the date for the 4th London Vigil against Hate Crime, part of the International Day of Hope and Remembrance for all victims and survivors of hate crime organised by 17-24-30.

The London Vigil against Hate Crime is planned to take place on Saturday 20th October between 7pm to 9pm.

An application to use Trafalgar Square has been submitted to the Greater London Authority’s Square Team, and the newly elected steering group are starting to draft plans, recruit volunteers, invite participants and raise funds for the event.

Event organiser Mark Healey said:

“There is a lot going on in London this year, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, World Pride, the Olympics and Paralympics and many other events – but we hope that people will pause with us on the 20th October and take a moment to remember those we have lost because of acts of hate.

We want to remind the world that hate crime in all its forms is not acceptable and that we will continue to raise our voices until this problem is resolved.

Whilst crime figures have been falling, hate crime incidents have been on the increase – which is why we need to stand together and call on all parties to work together to tackle this problem. This year we really want to see more organisations up and down the country taking part.

Every person has a right to live without fear of being attacked, those that are targeted or have been attacked should be protected, and those who commit these attacks should receive the toughest penalties.”

In the meantime – sign up and show your support on our London Vigil Facebook event page (click here) and make sure you watch this space for more details!

If you are interested in getting involved please contact info@17-24-30.org for more information.

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Ed Miliband writes letter of Support to Vigil

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2,000 take part in London Vigil

The GLA Squares Team estimate that over 2,000 people took part in this year’s 3rd Vigil against Hate Crime in Trafalgar Square, with many others taking part in similar events around the UK and abroad.

The event was organsied by 17-24-30 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Mark Healey, organiser of the event said “We had a good turnout again this year, although I did expect more people following three high-profile attacks in central London. The attack on Philip Salon that left him hospitalised for several weeks, the attack on the barman from Half-way 2 Heaven, and the brutal gang attack on the gay couple holding hands on Charing Cross Road.”

“However it’s not just about the numbers is it? It is about making as many people aware that there is a problem and that we all need to be vigilant, to look out for each other and keep our communities safe. At the same time we need to keep the pressure on local authorities to ensure that they are doing everything within their powers to prevent these attacks – especially in the current economic climate.”

“I am very pleased with how things went this year, we have a good team of trustees; Ryan ParkinsMartine Whittaker, Anthony Townsend, and Mark MacKenzie, and we have involved far more people leading up to the event during the various fund-raisers that we have held in the bars (especially the 2 Brewers which was amazing). I thank everyone who has been involved this yearall the volunteers who helped us make a difference. In particular I must mention the Harvey Milk Foundation, Southwark LGBT Network, and Appollo Construction for their generous support.”

There were many more vigils around the country this year, including Brighton, Kettering, Leicester, Norfolk, Norwich, Plymouth, Sussex, Suffolk, and Stoke. Even the people involved in the “Occupy the Stock Exchange” protest held a vigil outside St Pauls to show their support.

We have had some brilliant publicity with articles and listings appearing in Out in the City, Boyz Magazine, QX  and Diva. We even made it onto the Crime Stoppers UK website!

Speakers and Performers

The Trafalgar Square Vigil was opened by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who read a short poem and blessed the event, it also include performances by the Gay Symphonic Winds Orchestra and a choir consisting of members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, Pink Singers and Diversity. They performed Hymn to the Hebrew Slaves, David of the White Rock, Make your own kind of Music and Somewhere over the rainbow. Mitchell Reece also performed two songs which really helped lift the spirits of the crowd.

Marcus Reeves did wonderful job as Master of Ceremonies, introducing Mark Healey founder 17-24-30 and Vigil organiser as the first speaker of the event.

Mark thanked everyone for their ongoing support. As well as remembering Ian Baynham, he asked talked about Stuart Walker pointing out that regardless of whether or not it is a hate crime “our communities can empathise with Stuarts family and friends, we know their pain because we know what it is like to lose someone loved in tragic circumstances, and we know that now is the time to show them our full support – our thoughts and prayers are with them right now”. 

Richard Barnes Deputy Mayor of London sent his apologies as he is currently visiting Oslo, the scene of the horrific slaughter of so many young people earlier this year. Mark added “It is important that tonight, we remember the people of Oslo – how the acts of one person can do so much harm when influenced by extremist propoganda and how we must challenge these views.  Ed Miliband Leader of the Labour Party sent a letter of support stating “The principles behind this gathering are a shining example of hope and defiance against the brutality of hate.”

Mark was followed by Lynne Featherstone MP Minister of Equalities, Beverley Smith Disability Hate Crime Network, and Rose Simpkins CEO Stop Hate UK.

At 8pm there was 2-minute silence to remember those we have lost, and those who need our ongoing support. Followed by Debbie Gold CEO Galop, who read out the roll call of names of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and disabled people whose lives have ended with violence over the past 10 years. 

Debbie Gold said “We can’t hope to include everyone, therefore as we read these names, we also think about those whose names are not included, but whoses lives are just as important, including those who have taken their own lives.”

Stuart Milk , the Nephew of Harvey Milk and founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. Elly Barnes Schools Out, recently listed as number one on the Independents Pink List 2011, Brian Paddick 2012 Liberal Democrats Party London Mayoral Candidate, Sue Sanders LGBT History Month, Vicki Barrs from the National Union of Students LGBT Liberation Campaign, Tessa Havers-Strong from Trans London, Ken Livingstone 2012 Labour Party London Mayoral Candidate, Lindsay River Age UK Opening Doors, Peter Tatchell Outrage and Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Beverley Smith talked about the daily need to educate people about hate crime and asked those gathered “Please raise your hand if you will pledge to let 2 other people know in the next 24 hours about hate crime.”

Rose Simpkins stressed the need for people to report what is happening to them and make use of the Stop Hate UK Helpline number 0800 138 1625.

Lindsay River talked passionately “Let’s end it now, all hate crime, and make a strong community of people of all sexualities, all genders, all ethnicities and faiths working together against it. And right in there, always included, let us make sure that disabled and old people, and the youngest people too are part of that work.”

Elly Barnes talking about  tackling bullying in our schools said “All schools have a duty to protect young people – so for goodness sake head-teachers, you have no excuses, you have all the legal back-up you need to bring equalities to the forefront of your agenda, in fact you don’t need that as it is just the right thing to do! – do it tomorrow, you will be saving lives.”

Vicki Baars summarised what people need to do after the vigil “Championing strong work in equality and diversity, educating people about the impact of prejudice and ensuring robust reporting and supporting. Together we can make a difference.”

Sue Sanders talked about translating caring into action, that people can make a difference “Well it is one person who was holding a knife or a gun than ends a life And it is one person who can inspire a life in more ways than one!”

Stuart Milk, was one of the key speakers at the Vigil. He talked about his experience as the Nephew of Harvey Milk and losing someone he loved. He talked about the need for positive role models in our communities, the need to support them in their work. The progress that is being made around the world, how far we have come and how much further we have to go.  He highlighted the good work that is being done by President Obama. Now is not the time to call for tolerance, now is the time to demand equality. He also also expressed his dissappointment with the lack of attendance by the main-stream media as it is vital that they attend these events and communicate the message of what is happening to a wider audience.

Brian Paddick highlighted how far we have come as a nation in recent years and that although we have not arrived at the destination that we are aiming for yet, we are well on our way.

Our thanks

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has helped us so far this year, as the Vigil approaches we applaud all those who have given their time and energy to making this event happen – we simply could not do it without their ongoing support.

In particular we would like to thank                                           

  • Harvey Milk Foundation
  • Southwark LGBT Network
  • Apollo Construction
  • Vauxhall Bars including: Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Tonker and The Eagle.
  • Soho Venues including: Halfway2Heaven, 79CXR, Ku Bars Lisle St & Frith St, Duke of Wellington, Admiral Duncan, Comptons and Molly Moggs.
  • Clapham Venue: 2 Brewers
  • Lewisham Venue: Two8Six
  • Gaydar Radio and Resonance 104.4fm
  • Out in the City, Boyz Magazine, QX Magazine, Pink News.

And those who have donated prizes to support our fund-raising efforts

  • Full list to added shortly.


We continue to recruit volunteers to help us with our work. If you are interested in getting involved please get in contact by messaging us at info@17-24-30.org

Follow us on Facebook: ’17-24-30’ and on Twitter: ’HateCrimeVigil’

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Galop to join Vigil in Trafalgar Square to say no to hate

Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of Galop has confirmed that Galop will be joining this year’s Vigil against Hate Crime in Trafalgar Square. As well as being present to provide support to those who may need it on the night, Deborah will be reading the roll call of names after the 2 minute silence at 8pm.

During the Vigil, the following announcement will be made to help signpost Galop’s services “Please remember that if you have experienced a homophobic or transphobic incident, you can speak to Galop for support and advice, or to report it to the police if that’s what you’d like to do. Galop is an independent LGBTQ community organisation working across the whole of London – you can speak to them now in the support tent, call on 020 7704 6767  or find out more at their website galop.org.uk.”

Mark Healey, organiser of the Vigil said “I am really pleased that Galop will be joining us again this year. In the current economic climate it is important that we make people aware of the vital services that they provide to those who have been affected by hate crime, that we ensure that they receive the funds they need to continue their work and that we signpost their services to those who may need them.”

Galop gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse. We also support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system. We work across the whole of London.

In addition to working with individual people, we work to improve the criminal justice system for us all, and to find ways to support victims of crime who do not want to go to the police.

We are a completely independent community-led group and we are not connected to the police.

If you need advice, or just want to get something off your chest, you can talk to us. Galop is a space to talk and get options, even when you feel there aren’t any. If you’d like us to – we can help you report your experiences top the police. We’ll never pressure you into taking any action you aren’t comfortable with and we won’t share information about you unless you want us to.

Get in touch by calling us on 020 7704 2040, or visit our website www.galop.org.uk, where you can make a report online or download advice and information on all kinds of issues.

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Ice Blue Medical announce FREE support for Vigil

We are pleased to announce that Ice Blue Medical will be providing cover for the Vigil against Hate Crime on the 28th October. This will be the third year that Ice Blue Medical have provided their support free of charge for this event.

Mark Healey said “I am really glad to have James Gale and his team on-board again this year. It means a lot to know that professional organisations like Ice Blue Medical support what we are doing, and it makes it a lot easier for us when we are submitting the application to use Trafalgar Square to the GLA Square’s Team knowing that we everything in place to look after the welfare of the thousands of people who we expect to turn out for this event. Sometimes I don’t think that people realise how much work goes into planning the event, carrying out the risk assessments and writing the operations plan. Organisations like Ice Blue Medical make the whole process that much easier. THANK YOU”

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Broken Rainbow to be sign-posted at Vigil

We’ve just heard from Charlie who is a client services manager at Broken Rainbow Uk, they are going to see if any of their helpline workers will be able to volunteer to help during the Vigil this year.

We’re glad to help sign-post their important service:

Broken Rainbow is the only UK-wide helpline for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people who experience domestic violence. You can call our helpline to: 

  • Share your experiences and get support        
  • Talk about your options        
  • Learn about other services that can help        
  • Get advice about your legal position We’re here to help.

So, if you’re in a violent relationship, or care about someone who is, call Broken Rainbow to speak confidentially to another LGBT person. Our number is 0300 999 5428. The helpline is open on Mondays and Thursdays 2-8 pm and Wednesdays 10 am-5 pm.

You can also email us at help@broken-rainbow.org.uk or have a look at our website at http://www.broken-rainbow.org.uk.

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GALOP to read list of names at Vigil

Deborah Gold, CEO GALOP has just confirmed that she is happy for someone from Galop to read out the list of names at the Vigil against Hate Crime (Trafalgar Square 28th October) after the two minute silence at 8pm to remember the victims of hate crime. Galop have played an important role in the Vigil each year by providing volunteers to help on the support team.

Galop gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse.  We also support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police orhave questions about the criminal justice system.Galop is completely independent – we are a community-led group and we are not connected to police. If you need advice, or just want to get something off your chest, you can talk to us. Galop is a space to talk and get options, even when you feel there aren’t any. We’ll never pressure you into taking any action you aren’t comfortable with and we won’t share information about you unless you want us to.  You may have already tried to get help from the police or others. You may not be sure what’s happening or you’re dissatisfied with the response.  We can fight your corner, help get what you need or record what happened. For more information contact us on 020 7704 2040 or visit our website www.galop.org.uk.

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Southwark LGBT Network purchases Gazebos for 17-24-30

Thanks to Gaby Charring (Chair) and Southwark LGBT Network who met on Wednesday 12th October and agreed to support 17-24-30 and the Vigil against Hate Crime this year by purchasing two 4m by 8m Palm Spring Gazebos for us to use in Trafalgar Square on Friday 28th October.

17-24-30 has agreed to include Southwark LGBT Network’s logo on our publicity and to make the Gazebos available to loan out to other LGBT groups and organisations during the rest of the year.

This meets one of our aims which is to gradually build up our own equipment which will help us reduce the costs of putting on the Vigil each year, while at the same time put 17-24-30 in the position that we can loan out the equipment and support other community events as well.

If your interested in borrowing the Gazebos please get in touch.

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Soho Bar Crawl raises £197.95

Thanks to managers of Halfway 2 Heaven, Ku Bar Lisle St and Ku Bar Frith St, 79CXR, Molly Moggs, The Admiral Duncan and Comptons for allowing us to collect on your premises. And thanks to your customers for donating £197.95 last night.

We are still taking donations via our charities trust page, and have collection tins in some of the bars including Halfway 2 Heaven, Ku Bar Lisle St and Ku Bar Frith St, 79CXR and the Kings Arms.

Vigil posters were delivered to most of the venues in Soho last night and we are pleased to hear that many are taking part in the 2 minute silence at 8pm, Friday 28th October.

Thanks also to Gary Henshaw who will play the following video in his KU bars leading up to the Vigil. The video shows the vicious attack that took place on the 9th August on a gay couple walking along Charing Cross Road.

We hear that several other Soho bars will also be playing the same video which was recently promoted at the Westminster Gay Business Forum.

Working together we can make it clear that all forms of hate crime are not acceptable in our communities.

Be Aware, be Vigilant, be Safe whilst your out and about but most of all be Proud to be part of a campaign that hopefully will make a difference to those affected by hate crime.

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Hate Crime Reporting – Shouldn’t there be an App for that!

How many people would report those minor incidents of hate crime if there was a mobile phone application to do so?

Imagine the situation, your walking through Trafalgar Square when a group of teenagers shout some drunken verbal abuse.

Rather than confront them directly and put yourself at risk you whip out you mobile phone, and quickly report the incident using the App.

The report is automatically processed and flagged up to the appropriate team and dealt with.

Whilst the Police may not have the resources to deal directly with every incident reported, the App system could save time, helping them identify local hot spots and allocate resources accordingly.

It could also direct people to alternative sources of support.

Obviously, if it is an emergency you would dial 999 but sometimes people are not sure whether the situation is serious enough to warrant attention so often the apparently minor stuff gets ignored. The problem with ignoring these incidents is that the minor stuff left unchallenged tends to get worse, drunken verbal abuse can quickly escalate into physical violence which is why we need to report these incidents and help nip this unacceptable street behaviour in the bud.

There are other ways of reporting but all too often they require the person reporting the incident to go out of their way to flag things up. Which is why we need this App, it would make the reporting process so much easier and probably more cost-effective too.

Imagine, an incident happens – you whip out your phone and report it straight away. Your phone could be set to automatically fill in your personal information, or alternatively there could be an option to report anonymously via a third-party link.

You would fill out a standardised report form (which in itself would help stream-line the process) and have various additional options (it could be available in different languages, offer follow-up advice – recommending local support services, identifying local contacts – nearest police station, Safer Neighbourhood team, hospital  etc). Imagine having an app that brings all this local information together in a more accessible way.

Alternative methods of reporting include the new non-emergency 101 number, you can pop into your local police station or report by a third-party reporting service like GALOP (by form, internet, in person or over the phone) if you don’t want to speak directly to the police.

It could be a free App but what if it cost less than a £1 to down load? The money raised could go to help support the cash strapped support services that already exist like Stop Hate Uk who provide a national 24hr  (0800 138 1625) to support those affected by hate crime.

At the moment it is just an idea that I am putting out there as I don’t have the skills to write such an App but if someone else wants to take it forward then I would welcome them to do so.

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